20 years of experience
in the Custom masonry

We’re Art and Leo Masonry a family owned business located in Lake Geneva, WI. We were once known as A&L Masonry. We offer chimney and foundation repair, tuckpointing, fireplaces, patios, egress windows installation, and even concrete work. We’d like to personally invite you to call us for professional masonry services, today!

Our Story

Art and Leo Masonry was founded in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, and our narrative is created from the tapestry of personal devotion and professional dedication. Our odyssey began in 1998 with the aspiration to craft enduring structures and architectural pieces that enrich our community and stand the test of time.

Established by two master masons, Art and Leo, the sole aim was to bring expert masonry to homes and businesses in the Lake Geneva region. Their combined professionalism and passion ignited Art and Leo Masonry, transforming the traditional industry into a journey of artistic expression through stone and time.

Masonry, in our perspective, stretches beyond mere occupation. It weaves together complex skills, an artistic vision, and unrivaled craftsmanship. The hearty spirit of Lake Geneva and the rest of Wisconsin echo in our devotion to our technical artistry and our unwavering commitment to our clients.

Throughout our history, we’ve built solid relationships with diverse clients, from individual homeowners to large commercial enterprises. Our dedication to excellence, punctuality, and consistency has earned us a trustworthy reputation within our community.

While we’ve evolved and grown over the years, we remain loyal to our foundational mission – to create magnificent masonry work that awakens awe and appreciation, all while serving our beloved community. Our sights are set on the future, as we aim to continuously refine our techniques, expand our project scope, and ensure the satisfaction of every client.

Our story, a synthesis of professional perseverance, personal passion, and an earnest commitment to our clients and community, tells of our integrity and craftsmanship. We are Art and Leo Masonry, truly at your service.